About Us

Our Purpose

To teach young children and promote a belief in themselves as learners in a play based learning environment. We provide teaching and learning experiences that promote child engagement, wellbeing, positive relationships, confidence, literacy, numeracy, physical skills, healthy eating, active physical activity, fitness, thinking skills and creativity.

‘Our image of the child is rich in potential, strong, powerful, competent and most of all connected to adults and other children.’ (Malaguzzi)

Values and Principles

Our curriculum is informed and guided by ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming’ – The Early Years Learning Framework of Australia, for children from birth to five years. The vision of the national curriculum framework is for all children to experience play based learning that is engaging and builds success for life.

The framework is purposefully used to develop learning programs that are responsive to the learning needs of the children and develop the children’s life skills. Through the framework, staff will assist children to develop:

  • A strong sense of their identity
  • Connections with their world
  • A strong sense of wellbeing
  • Confidence and involvement in their learning
  • Effective communication skills

We believe education is a life-long process and involves parents and educators working together in partnership.

Philosophy statement

Philosophy Statement

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At Adelaide Miethke Kindergarten we:

  • Respect each child as a unique individual, and work to develop each child’s confidence, competence, wellbeing and positive self concept.
  • Value what is important to children and build on their interests to support more meaningful learning.
  • Recognise the importance of an environment that values and supports the child’s social and cultural context.
  • Facilitate the development of language, literacy and numeracy skills.
Our values include:
Trust, engagement, creativity, independence, respect, honesty, collaboration, care and support for self and others, equity.
Learning - engagement and participation
We provide opportunities for each child to enjoy learning and develop their confidence, competence, social skills, knowledge and understandings. Individual and group needs and interests are respected and used in learning.
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