Our curriculum is planned and assessed using the Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being, Becoming. This is a National Curriculum for all early childhood settings.
Occasional care handbook

Curriculum Information

1MB – Adobe PDF

Curriculum information is displayed for families throughout the centre and next to the sign on sheet inside the main door. Please take some time to stop and read these displays every now and then.

Learning in and with Nature

Adelaide Miethke Preschool has a beautiful, purpose built nature play space which was designed by children, families, staff and the architects from JPE Design Studio Pty Ltd in 2016.

The vision for the project was for us to develop an outdoor learning area in which the children will engage in play experiences that inspire and motive them to develop a love of learning.

Learning in nature

Learning in Nature - Fire

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Our staff are committed to ensuring children have opportunities to PLAY and LEARN in this fantastic space. To support this, we have committed to ensuring all our staff are well trained with of our core staff having participated in the Mindstrechers International 6-day Nature Pedagogy Course. Staff have also attended a range of other professional learning opportunities and conferences. In August 2016 some members of the team undertook a Study Tour to Scotland and England to explore Nature Play in other educational contexts.
To find out more about Learning In and With Nature at Adelaide Miethke Preschool please have a look at the following links.

Learning In and With Nature

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NPSA – Loose Parts

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49 things to do before you’re 5

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Term Reviews

At the end of each term the staff document an overview of the children’s learning for families in a Term Review. The Term Review gives a snap shot of the teaching and learning program that the children have been involved in with photographs, explanations and information about the curriculum that has been planned and taught.
Parent information handbook

Term 1 Review (2022)

256KB – Adobe PDF

Parent information handbook

Term 2 Review (2020)

3MB – Adobe PDF

Parent information handbook

Term 1 Review (2020)

1MB – Adobe PDF

Parent information handbook

Term 2 Review (2019)

1MB – Adobe PDF

Term 1 Review (2019)

900KB – Adobe PDF

Term 3 Review (2018)

767KB – Adobe PDF

Term 2 Review (2018)

513KB – Adobe PDF

Term 1 Review (2018)

414KB – Adobe PDF

QIP Review – 2021

Our staff collect a range of information about children’s learning. This information includes work samples, photographs, observations and learning stories. All of these pieces are collated along with the term reviews into a portfolio that they will be able to keep as a record of their time and learning at kindergarten.

At the end of each child’s time at kindergarten our staff write a Statement of Learning which gives families and school staff information about each child’s learning during their year at preschool. A copy of the Statement of Learning is also forwarded to the child’s school as a way of supporting their transition to school.

Occasional care handbook

Statement of Learning

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Occasional care handbook

QIP Review 2021

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Other Curriculum Information

Lunchtimes at Kindy

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